So, now what?

Well after few failed atempt to the mail delivery notification. I gave up but it is till buzzing me in my head. It’s quite a learning curve naturally I wasn’t expecting that. 

So,now what? Wait and watch.

Be #fearless–Motivation

Become fearless

How to become Fearless?

We are living in negative world, Fear is everywhere. Fear to loose.  So get up and fight and to become fearless you have to go out and fight for that. You have to get dream, ideas and make it happen. So go get it but don’t be spectator, be just part of it face it. you have to fear of only fear nothing more than that.

It was my 38th Birthday Yesterday.

It was my 38th birthday yesterday and I have received lots of birthday wishes, which I am so thankful for that. In our lifespan we touch so many lives, and so many peoples touches our lives. It is meant for that. However I believe that I am bit reserved for expressing myself to them even saying big thank you is like need to give all them personally.

Overall I would like to share how did I spend my birthday. It was an ordinary day nothing special but in the morning I have received first wish from my lovely wife and later my 6 year old princess gave me kisses and sung a birthday song. Later it was plan for movie – We went to watch movie ‘Sultan’ – I must say it was not about the movie review but I like the fact the philosophical drama express with life events.

It was heart warming feeling when you are going through a tough time and you are looking for an answer for everything, motivation, inspiration and courage to embrace yourself, fight for life and with life.

After watching ‘Sultan’ I felt refresh and it was a message hidden for me, not to give up and stand up and fight again.

I would like to thank all of you who have send me birthday wishes, you don’t know how much it means to me and How badly I needed those. I am a human and I am surrounding with life’s challenges, I am not afraid of any of those. Because I have your blessing and well wishes, I have strength for  fighting. I am so grateful for everything in my life. And I am so much grateful for those who has send me birthday wishes and those who hasn’t. I hearty thankful to you all. Love you always.

‘I wish you all very happiness for life, may all my blessing granted you to fulfil your wishes’.


Topic – You’ve Got an Idea–Now what to do next???

This is continue series of the successful mantra for your ideas to identity.

In my last post I have talked about ideas and how it was shaping. I meet lots of people with their own businesses and they are very good at business but terrible at technologies and reserved for adopting new ideas and innovation in their businesses.

I can not blame them they are, what they are. I can not say they are orthodox or paranoid but simply in their mind they have deep belief that website and online does not work for them, they are happy with their little world. Which I think is fine opportunity like me.

At Ram Infosystems we make their profile and try to understand them first before even making any conversation with them directly. We know inside out about their business and their passion for the business. It is crucial for every step of any business.

So now  we were at “You have got an idea – Now what to do next?”

It is a mind blowing idea and it gives you a buzz and thrill. but first of all how you are going to represent to the outside world. For that You need a website. 

And we are going to discuss today why?

Do you need your own website?

Yes! The answer is most obviously yes.

You will at the very least need to get your own domain name to use for your website since your idea will not represent without a platform. If you want to sell anything now a days you need to reach far and far by mean in whole universe. THE WORLD WIDE WEB (www).

So if you have an idea and what a website quick visit

but WHY?

Because there are hundreds and hundreds of sites out there and every one of them has not exact same site or idea like yours. That means if you don’t have a way of differentiating your idea from the others, you will be buried in your own well.

I’ve Got An Idea–Now What????!!!

Idea, concept, business.

It’s always happens with me all the time. When I have got an idea and then later you are not act on it, It just vanished in thin air. Now big question here is –“NOW WHAT???”

Answer to that is simple – just write down on a piece of paper with a simple explanation about it. 

First of all Visualize it thoroughly – what exactly you want and 5 wives (who, what, when, where,whom) and a Husband (HOW). 

What is all about? How can it help others? How can you implement? Who can help me to achieve that ?Where can I get start from? How long will it going to take? Where should I look for the help and guidance?

All this always happen in new business ideas – So I’ve decided to write a series of articles which no brainers and how-to guide.

At least this a good idea and it has to be working. I am implementing that. So Let’s get started.

First of all. It was started when I was so desperate about the work and stressed. But all of sudden I have got an Idea which I visualized it through.

Before I start I have few question

1. If you need website what do you need?

the obvious answer is ‘google it. So I did. Now – I was looking for ‘I need a website now’ And what I got was shocking. Lots of results, adverts and bombarding for luring me to sign up now.

But  what I was actually looking for who can deliver it without hassle and who is near to me so I ended up with Ram Infosystems

Now rest is history.

Video Blog–Post #1–2016-01-27 Wednesday

Year 2015 – Review


It’s Time to Sum up 2015 and Welcome Big Leap Year 2016.

Well Well… when I look back at my timeline I see Memories and more memories. Sweet, precious, Joyous and wonderful. These year just past as bink of eyes. And yet so many awesome things we have done, achieved, yet to achieved, tried and not succeed yet. I am currently writing and looked at my year end sum up for each of year ends, it looks awesome. I am thankful to #facebook for preserving those moments.

So far year 2015 was just awesome and terrified (not terrific … sorry, but I’ll explain it later).

This year was totally roller coaster, ups and downs with heavy gravity but end of the year it adds up and teaches me valuable lessons of experience. I learn a lot this year, get my hands on people skills, entrepreneurship, and become more humble with my ambitions. I have few terrified experience with great failed of the project,, few vulnerable experience with temporary jobs, but on the bright side I have manage to get through all and convert those challenges to opportunities. My definition of success was wrong so I learn more quickly, there is no success or failures, and those are just options. Failure is only an option. So keep trying, be specific to your achievements.

Yet if I look back from January to December, I have awesome year so far socially, more memories which I like to remember for the life.

1. Ram Infosystems registered as Limited company (became contractor)

2. Concept of designer lenses

3. Krisha’s 5th Birthday Party, it was such a wonderful time, I seen her happy and I give all credits to Priti my other half. Without her, it was not possible to arrange on that scale. Love every details of it, I appreciate all friends and family who have attended it. Love you for that.

4. Gym session, fading squash squad.

5. Contracts in between.

6. Memorable Lads holiday weekend in #riga.

7. Looking for the new bigger home with Priti (that time was just brilliant, I understand Priti bit more and it was happy feelings, love every bit of it.)

8. Finally big decision for buying big house and plan through it, it was the most stressful time of the year for good 3 months but with God’s grace and courage from family, friends and utterly guts for taking risk, we were able to get through painful transition and achieve it.

9. Now in transition to preparing for moving in to the new home.

10. All of above, tremendous support from my soulmate throughout the year, love you @Priti Lodhiya.

11. Priti’s Birthday, Yearly more picnics, outing with friends, family and those joyous time with Krisha balance out everything I have failed to achieve professionally.

So far it was all about the past year, it seems to me just pass too fast. I believe those who reading this feel the same. I think my words are not expressive yet, till blend and raw, however I am trying hard not to be simpler but it’s complicated to explain. So my beloved families, friends and Facebook friends, it was overall amazing 2015 and I bet 2016 will be more fanatic.

My goal for 2016 is to become more adventurous entrepreneur, pass through my journey towards to my achievements by becoming more determine and courageous. I know my love is always supportive and with me no matter what, I am so thankful for that.

New venture is on the horizon and I am putting my all to that. So behold 2016 I am going to make a dent in the Universe, two of my baby start shaping and it will be live by March 2016, and both will change prospective for retail business especially for those on high street and seeking trend for united kingdom market. I promise you it will be a huge and massive leap help for small independent retailers and you will love it for everything.

So my beloved friends, I wish you all Joyous and prosperous new year. May Year 2016 became more memorable for all of us. Let be more connected with our emotions and help each other to nurture our relation.

At last I will close my writing by adding maitri prayer.

May I be happy and blessed with goodness all the time

May you be happy and blessed with goodness all the time

beings living on the earth, in the water and in the air, may all be happy and without pain

Creatures living in all ten directions, may they meet goodness everywhere

may all be without fear and without ill will, may all be without torment

Looking Fab today.


#ThankYou #Cortana


My Journey – From Developer To Entrepreneur — Day 18 of 100

Day Eighteen, Monday 24th August 2015

Note’s from Yesterday:

Nothing much, not a productive or creative day. However it was still a socially active day. Yet fun.

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:00 am 1.5 hours Get ready and plan ahead Impulsive drive and not getting it why. Late start and not think of anything ahead
9:30 am 6 hours Help Gardener to trim tree and shopping I completely forgot about the planned action but now it was not too late. 6 hours of expensive hard physical work. Not bad but later I was feeling so dreadful.
3:30 pm 4 hours nothing not feeling well, had to sleep; not doing anything So much to adopt in changing weather and rain.
7:30 pm 2.5 hours Planning to plan something???    
I have to change something and something very quickly, I am against the time. I can not loose this. Not at any cost. I have to be win this at all cost.