How to report fake Jobs or Jobs that are not real by Recruiters.


Recently I have been hearing/seeing/reading and influenced by many opinions and also tried to find facts about it. I would like to share something that is very important for the every job seeker and recruitment agencies.

You know since 2017 there are 900 new agencies has been registered.  And so far around 21500 total recruitment agencies are exists till date. Source:

And Recruitment industry worth more to UK economy than ever before. (

Which is great news but in reality it comes with a cost of frauds, malpractices, misleading and non regulated which is missing heavily in penalization or control and most of them are time wasters for who actually looking for a job.

So if you found that job advertised is actually not an advertise but luring you for the leads to generate for the profiling and misguide you. what you can do about it?

Here are the resources and you can do more than ever. I am just waiting if I can file a small claims against my time and distress I suffered due diligences.

Advice for Recruiter:

Report an incident

How to complain about an REC member

Most importantly do not afraid to stand against the wrong deeds, don’t suffer in silent, speak out and make it correct. If you feel that you have been treated badly or unfairly than just stand out and go for it.

Clock is broken – Solve it

Here is a classic puzzle to solve.

My clock is broken into 4 pieces and sum of each pieces is 15. Can you able to divide the clock into 4 pieces and each piece have sum of 15?

Just try it. And don’t spoil the answer.

Wow spring clean email box

What a feeling… just used my GTD principles and spend half an hour to sparkly clean my email.

Hurrey. Time to watch TV (My treat.)

Reading while searching new opportunities

My reading list for January 2018.

Looks extreme but plausible.

Let me do it.

Move On Up


Hush now child, and don’t you cry

Your folks might understand you, by and by

Move on up, toward your destination

You may find from time to time


Bight your lip, and take a trip

Though there may be wet road ahead

And you cannot slip

So move on up for peace will find

Into the steeple of beautiful people

Where there’s only one kind

So hush now child, and don’t you cry

Your folks might understand you, by and by

Move on up, and keep on wishing

Remember your dream is your only scheme

So keep on pushing

Take nothing less, than the second best

Do not obey, you must keep your say

You can past the test

Just move on up, to a greater day

With just a little faith

If you put your mind to it you can surely do it

Just move on up

Move on up

But move on up

Oh child, but just move on up

But move on up

Move on up

Songwriters: Curtis Mayfield

Move On Up lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

The Powerful–‘Now’

I know lately I am not writing enough or doing something I should do or suppose what I love to do a lot. Writing. So I have come to a point where I found that let me write what is it.

‘Now’ – a powerful state. How? Let me explain to you.

If you have five minute from now onwards then just stop reading this further and switch off you screens, and sit down if you are not already be sited and without thinking further just sit quietly for 5 minutes.  See you after 5 minutes.

Image result for now

[……Read this after 5 Minutes……]

Right, if you are already not lost or distracted by any other activity or interrupted, than let me tell you the power you have felt is just now.

Think it again, Go back when you sit quietly,

what did you observed?

what did you feel?

Train of thoughts, mumbling self talks, Feelings, Rush through, Time lapse, your senses – smell, hear, see, touch. heartbeats …. endless emotions, feelings and your reaction to it – without thinking that all it is virtue. 

Just for a moment, detached yourself from your own self(by not to think about anything), a moment where you become now (technically we’re all ‘Now’, but we are not conscious or aware of it).  I don’t want to confuse you or puzzled you but let you feel what exactly you are feeling ‘Now’ and the moment you breath in or out, and be aware of ‘Now’ you will feel that power. Ok, I know it is first hard to understand and unexplainable in a way.

Let me help you out. What ever you are feeling right now, just stop. Just for a few moments, and go back when it started (not in the past but back just few moments ago) and try to identify what was it that make you feel? a thought – sense (hear, see, smell, touch) or something very powerful which you don’t know about it, Until ‘Now’.

The misery of  entire life lies in ‘Now’. Yes you have read correct – ‘Now’ is the truth. Sort but brutal, it born, you live it and it died, became a past, in this second. Done. Yet leave so many things behind, thoughts, things, emotions, memories,…… lots of it…

Have you ever wonder why? No… no need to. When you became aware of ‘Now’. This powerful moment, you don’t have to feel anything but just accept it as it is. Shell I have to do anything about it? Yeah off course. Live it fully. Happy, sad, anger, any emotions do you have now or feel when you think or wonder…. just remember – ‘Now’. Right… ‘Now’.

I think it is really a deeper then I anticipate, yet very simple. I am not a philosopher or disciple of any Guru’s, or God or religion, Well I used to be one, but when I awake or become conscious about ‘Now’ everything for me become secondary and no need to worry or feel anything about anyone. But it doesn’t mean that I am not getting angry, happy or sad or anything a normal human does. But because of this awareness,  Powerful ‘Now’, I don’t have to waste my energy on anything which is virtue.  So you don’t have too.

When you are feeling so many things or time where you feel down or high or any state just be aware of yourself by Now. Key is Detached yourself completely and feel the ‘Now’. All the problems will vanish on that very moment. You become more wise and wisdom of ‘Now’ will guide you through.

Let me know how do you feel now….?



Restless feelings

Sometime you are not performing well under the circumstances. Your behaviour make you think why am I doing this? Do I have to do that? And it contradicts each other without rational explanations.

Be the change you want to see in the world

I have come across those situations many times in my life. It happens and I’ve seen myself not perform well, but it does not make me weak, but gives me an opportunity to become more resilient and face the challenges of the life. It seems hard to achieve, convert each obstacle into an opportunity. But they are meant to be like that. Sole purpose for these obstacles are to draw a better things in your life, in reality I have experienced this.

However, sometimes it looks like gauntlet all this plethora of jargons and tingling, little attention to the unnecessary details leads us nowhere and makes you less effective and less productive. I think it’s more likely to do with human emotions. We are all faces waves of emotions, we sail through the sea of emotions and sometimes faces impromptu challenges through tough times. So I simply let it be.

Bit of bizarre as I am writing this, felt like, Yeah…, but then…. Can I do anything about it either way? Can I get it under control? Well, it seems not impossible to detach from our emotions, but still it arise a lot and we can feel its effect on our body and on our mind. Yet I think it is hard for me to express what it is and how to come out of it.

I am currently working toward to develop a habit to be master. Well, I am going to be brutally honest. Current Job hunting is distressing a lot, also keep the consistence to something, dedication became a virtue. Nevertheless, discipline has not, that I haven’t tried. It is just being unexplained excuses. Partly I would take a blame for it. Rest its my human nature which carried away sometime wondering, training and getting many things done at ones. Naturally it leads to failure and sometimes in the desert, nowhere…

I wish there were a time machine somewhere, So I could have prevented myself. 

-Ravi 20.01.2017

What do you do with massive Data?

I have came across a huge data of people and thought about it what do you do with it? I am not a person who trade souls for profits. It’s Devil’s JOB not me. 


Devil's Job


One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.
Marie Curie.