Day 1 – Say “No to facebook, google+, twitter and any social network”

Say no to social network. “Are you insane? How can you survive? It’s insane, mad and crazy decision to take.”, my wife said. Yes and I did it. I have been temporary deactivated Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account. It was not bad at all. However, after that I felt ‘Oh, My God’ kind of feelings. And once I settled down. I have felt exactly the same who has been slaved for three years, and now he is free like a bird. Well let me clear. What was the idea behind taking this drastic act? My intention is to justify my belief that we are becoming additionally proactively slaves of those so-called social networks which I think nothing more than a gossip cheap tabloids that socially influenced choices of an individual with nasty tactics to sell their goods and services. Deep down, these, I felt so unethical and wrong. Yes, you read it.

I believe that everyone has their own freedom and free from any kind of slavery. In reality, ask yourself, “Are we really free?” No we are not. We are very much addicted to these so-called socialism networks, and they played tactical. Unconsciously, we are following what they have decided to do with you, without even you know that they are driving you. You are no longer making choices. They have already chosen (decided) what is best for you. And blindly we are all following the same path without even thinking for a moment about the choices. The choices that you have never made or think of it. I have noticed it that after when it was affecting too much to my creativity and my productiveness, I haven’t seen such a single person who is very creative and productive, addictive to these social networks. Well, I can say that they are not attached to it. They might be using it wisely, but I am not convinced. So I have decided to give up these social networks and be real and set myself free from any influences.

From today, I am going to write what I have gained and lost. I will note it here and write it as I felt and share on my blog. I know my blog is neither that popular nor I am after to make it well-liked. I am writing this for those want to be unattached from social slavery. And if you think you have become a slave and want to set free, then just act and stop using those social networks and focus on what exactly you want to be. Please do not let social networks choose behalf of you. Please awake from hypnotic state of social networks and be real.





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