Day 2: Winning over being isolated without social networks

Today is second day without Facebook, twitter or Google+ or any kind of social network. Some may find it quite shocking and believe that I am going to be isolated and suffered without friendly contacts. Well, I agree to some extend about their fear, but as I can see it as to come out from addiction, and some point you felt like you will be completely isolated from the world around. Here I am not afraid to make such a drastic decision on the what is needed to be done. I want to free from the influences, and that is only my concerns. I am not against them, neither I intend to do so. I am just wanted to be freer and not want to suffocate by the unconscious marketing tactics which make me feel daft and non-sense with bombard of adverts. Once again, I would like to remind that how unethical to make some ones mind with such a big influence that will choose something for you without even your acceptance. Believe or not ,but the fact is well hidden that you become a product which is going to be sold. These so-called social networks are playing with human minds to make them slave and regardless of say that we are not even aware of it. We are just being ships and following what others make us to follow. Silly. Wake up guys, if you are reading this, then stop and think for a minute what exactly I am talking about.

Today’s question: How many times have you talked to your friends in person in a week? No, Try this once, this week meet your friend personally and talked to them,spend some time with friends. Feel the difference. Stop wasting time around these silly networks which has no value, no real gain, and nothing to offer and stop to let them take over your mind. Set yourself free.


Ravi Lodhiya

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