Day 3– Say No to Social Networks–increased my creativity and productivity

Today is third day without any social networks, and I am a long survivor. Hail yeah. I have more time for other social activities and more time for a kid. Mind is free from any influences, no bombarding emails, junks or no fear of tracking someone your habits or being suffocated by the nasty privacy policies. No more "Google+" evil. Hail yes.

So where is the proof of creativity. Well, If you notice for past four days, I am posting to my website without fail. And I felt refreshing after work. I have my own moments, and I am really enjoying it. Developing a habit of being productive and creative is not easy. Especially you could easily be distracted by those Social
networks. However, I am happy as free bird. Be fearless. 

Ideally, I would like to achieve something consistent and pervert the habit. Break the course and awaken my mind from the unconscious marketing dilemma (nothing more than influence, which take over my
choices and put it to practice to be more in control consciously.)


Ravi L.

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