Day 5: Without social networks- breaking the ice and set it free

Yes, today is fifth day, and I have no soft attachment to social networks. I can live without it. Separation from it, is so powerful then anything. I am now more aware then ever. And finding more and more happiness and real people and meet them, knowing them, getting balance with work, home and social. Life has more things then social networks, off course social network has so much influence nowadays that you can ever imagine. I don’t want to talk about their power, rather I would like to talk about how to be safe. At some point, all of us felt that “enough is enough," that is the point where you start hating them and want to burn it out with your frustration. However, later its also like ‘love-hate’ kind of game. Believe it or not they knew it so that you remember their power. And they have not been ashamed of it. Silly.

Now this is how I did it. Give yourself 10 days and just detached yourself from it and see the difference. Feel the change inside and outside. This is it. No to mention that they want every piece of you and your brain –to sell you, command you to spend and talk more about it –very loud and intense. Breaking this ice is not that easy but tried it for once and try it again. Just make a mental note that you are not going to be a slave of those social networks. When something you read or do, be more conscious about your unconscious mind, do not let them control your mind and that awareness will give you power to detach from it without any pain.

Set yourself free.


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