Deploy – End of Software Development Life Cycle Or is it beginning of innovation?

As a developer you hardly need to deploy anything on live, again depend on the company and responsibility you have. But I think it would be nice if a developer acquire those skills and not to master it but at least deploy to live or staging.

And what I mean by deploy is setting up a new environment from scratch and set it up for everything from requirement, design, develop, test and deploy. For me I am in the Microsoft stack and I admire it a lot. I love to build things and take ownership of it. Make it happen.


So As a developer I bought my own rack server and install windows server 2016 and install hyper-v with various OS (Windows Server 2016) and so on.

I have made a staging environment for my own development (IIS, .net Core, NodeJS). I have to go through some of research to make it happen and hyper-v is really helpful in the sense I can rollback changes and so forth.

I have started to build some sites given from examples and deploy it using Visual studio and of course it requires more skills than I thought but it was good fun and challenging. At the end of a day I am confident that I can handle anything and take a control of a product which includes start to deploy (well technically it will never finish).

here is screen shots from my work station.









And sky is a limit now. I am currently building up few sites of my own and trying to build my network. Next I am going to share a video of my day to day activities and how I solve problems and add values every day. Writing Behaviour Driven Development and Prototyping quickly so that I can write Production ready codes and also Continuous Integration.

Till then Ciao.

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