How to report fake Jobs or Jobs that are not real by Recruiters.


Recently I have been hearing/seeing/reading and influenced by many opinions and also tried to find facts about it. I would like to share something that is very important for the every job seeker and recruitment agencies.

You know since 2017 there are 900 new agencies has been registered.  And so far around 21500 total recruitment agencies are exists till date. Source:

And Recruitment industry worth more to UK economy than ever before. (

Which is great news but in reality it comes with a cost of frauds, malpractices, misleading and non regulated which is missing heavily in penalization or control and most of them are time wasters for who actually looking for a job.

So if you found that job advertised is actually not an advertise but luring you for the leads to generate for the profiling and misguide you. what you can do about it?

Here are the resources and you can do more than ever. I am just waiting if I can file a small claims against my time and distress I suffered due diligences.

Advice for Recruiter:

Report an incident

How to complain about an REC member

Most importantly do not afraid to stand against the wrong deeds, don’t suffer in silent, speak out and make it correct. If you feel that you have been treated badly or unfairly than just stand out and go for it.

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