How to simplify the GDPR consent – High level overview

The GDPR is just on the horizon and everyone is curious. How to make it correctly and all the other related issues.


GDPR Notification Simplify

  • The user should able to ask (through website/phone/person/post)
  • Acknowledge request by confirmation by preference
  • Once the user confirms request then send a secure link which has GDPR data and its explanation in plain English.
  • The User should able to control the information holding with your organization.
  •  Any changes should be (by the user or by policy or by the organization) be communicated via a preference.
  • If the user decided to remove there should be a provision for that without compromising compliances.
  • See my other post – How to securely remove user data without compromising anything.

That is it. Now if you have questions or need guidance about system implementation contacts me via the website or via LinkedIn.

Hope this high-level view helps you to understand the process involved in how to start it correctly.

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