I’ve Got An Idea–Now What????!!!

Idea, concept, business.

It’s always happens with me all the time. When I have got an idea and then later you are not act on it, It just vanished in thin air. Now big question here is –“NOW WHAT???”

Answer to that is simple – just write down on a piece of paper with a simple explanation about it. 

First of all Visualize it thoroughly – what exactly you want and 5 wives (who, what, when, where,whom) and a Husband (HOW). 

What is all about? How can it help others? How can you implement? Who can help me to achieve that ?Where can I get start from? How long will it going to take? Where should I look for the help and guidance?

All this always happen in new business ideas – So I’ve decided to write a series of articles which no brainers and how-to guide.

At least this a good idea and it has to be working. I am implementing that. So Let’s get started.

First of all. It was started when I was so desperate about the work and stressed. But all of sudden I have got an Idea which I visualized it through.

Before I start I have few question

1. If you need website what do you need?

the obvious answer is ‘google it. So I did. Now – I was looking for ‘I need a website now’ And what I got was shocking. Lots of results, adverts and bombarding for luring me to sign up now.

But  what I was actually looking for who can deliver it without hassle and who is near to me so I ended up with Ram Infosystems

Now rest is history.

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