My Journey– From Developer to Entrepreneur Day 11 to 100

Day Eleven, Monday 17th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was an up bit and later on day it was tiring and aching body after long picnic. Although it was real good fun and enjoyed it at full. In the late evening I was so tired not bother for updating articles or anything. So just updating today. It seems to me that I have loosen up little interest in recording the progress and I admit it, it’s very little progress at the moment but I am not going to give up that easily. So I have decided to become more productive on the other side and write my long term goals and precisely describe it how I am going to achieve it and what steps I am going to do, I am going to even break it further. I want to visualize my goals as happening and achieve it exactly as I go.  

Plan for today:


Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:30 am

4 hrs.

wake up, update my blog and getting ready Mess everywhere, body till aching Not motivated to do anything but cleaning
11:30 am 3.5 hrs. Not planned but It was pop up from the past, So I did initiate my OCI application. Feel the form for Surrendering my passport. Also Krisha’s photo for her passport renewals. Hectic morning rush, stress and getting things done, photocopies, aaah… so many of them…. all dumbos… doooh.
3:00 pm 3 hrs. Not planned but eventually I had gone through serious lack of planning for executing trading. Bare losses of 50 usd. Useless brokers and software. Killer one. Not happy with my non discipline manners. It is killing me inside.
6:00 pm 3 hrs. Nothing much assorted but have run around with house hold stuffs. Not able to update or done much.  
9:00 pm 1 hr Update Blog and post yes bit distracted. I did it correctly.
I think today was not so productive but I can say it was blast of long pending non urgent tasks became urgent and important task. So without delaying anything I just put everything I can and need to be done as soon as possible.

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