My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 12 of 100

Tuesday 18th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was blast of non-urgent becoming Important and most urgent. And I am glad I have initiate it and just start frustrating from not able to focus and set my priorities, But I am learning it how to do it correctly. So its bit of motivating part by degrading stepping back from what suppose to be working before. 

Plan for today:

Today’s plan is very simple, get ready and write down my plan, visit Post office, clear paperwork (long due sorting process – can’t wait to get it done), Make all phone calls and emails, set my goals and its executing plan. Big steps in small prints.Charming. Now who is working.

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:00 am 3 hrs. Wake up, use savers technique, Plan my day as it happening. Get ready and have breakfast, focus on trading strategies Yes Good start of the day. Things are going to shape
10:00 am 1 hrs. Visit Post office, submit passport application, Nothing special, just need to finish this as soon as I can. Submitted and done.
11:00 am 5 hrs. Arrange and sort all the paperwork from the office Long long pile of papers and yet to finish it 70 Percent done.
4:00 pm 2 hrs. Start chase up pending stuffs and prioritize work accordingly.
Completely forgot that I have to take krisha to Tennis class.
Just not able to do anything about it.  
6:00 pm 3 hrs. Write detailed plan and progress with visualization to achieve my set goals
9:00 pm 2 hrs. Training on Programming  

Today is better than yesterday in the sense of working, I have plan everything in my mind as should it happen.

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