My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 16 of 100

Day Sixteen,  Saturday 22nd August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

I am not sure how fast it went, Just before I think about it, It just gone. Yesterday I have surely not done a lot, but still it looks like I have. Well its not that bad that I can not manage it, Lack of planning and visualizing is key to success. I understand that but I am currently not able to find a way to do it correctly.

Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
8:00 am 1.5 hours Wake up and get ready, update my posts Wake up, first thing I did was update my blog post which was pending from yesterday. I feel bit relieve from inside guilt.
9:30 am 2 hours Get ready krisha and myself. For lunch time spending with Uncle’s family. Get ready her and myself have spend little time with her. Nothing new.
12:30 pm 7 hours Lunch at uncles house for pre wedding preparation Not much Good to meet new people and enjoy with them
? ?      
8:00 pm 4 hours Plan next week I will seat down and write next week’s plan, check all my calendar entries.  

Nothing much I can do about it next week is going to be probably the same.I hope not. 

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