My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 4 of 100

Monday 10th August 2015

Today I am going to start with nopCommerce source code and it’s working. I have setup my environment and  also gone through quick tutorials from nopCommerce site, also landed on other sites which I need to study. Now I did not realize that I may not have internet connection to finish my training on Project Management. Doah… Never mind. Quickly made my mind for the next thing to do is update the blog entry for today.

Log for Day Four:
Monday 10th August 2015 –  Three in the afternoon.



Time Plan Action Result
Morning 6:30
Not planned anything yet Wake up, quickly go through emails, check Facebook social network, News on BBC … nothing unusual everything, Ready for rock and roll. Everything is working in harmony.
7:00 nopCommerce
Login screen
Need to understand nopCommerce site design and its working. Get training on 2 Step Authentication and Oauth 2.0 Had a great learning session about the technology and need more as I go.
9:00 Call EE to Cancel Action Cam Need to call EE to cancel action cam I received yesterday. Go through quick survey on the product and working out, Not useful for me in this instance. Successfully book Jiffy Bag. Also they agree to pay return postage.
9:30 Training on Login screen using MVC 5 Design a login screen for the new project and identify technologies going to be use in that for login screen Need more information and build prototype quickly for that.
12:00 Training Science of Sales training for an hour Nearly done still need to finish more thing.
2:00 Hospital Appointment Utilizing maximum time from ideal situation, low priority work need to be done. Have manage to do some of it.
7:00 Trade in Gold Make some profit with strategy Terribly went wrong and loss 370 usd.
8:00 Spend time with Krisha Catch up what she has done so far need to plan her tomorrow.  
9:30 Shoot Video Log and check inserting video here Shoot video for todays log working on.

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