My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 9 of 100

Day Nine, Saturday 15th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was mix bag of everything, i was feeling drain down and not motivated, I was struggling to focus on something which I wanted to achieve quickly. I was all over the place.It was like direction less sailing and wandering in hopeless dessert. Over the top emotionally, physically, mentally it was dreadful. So far admitting like this is brave move.

Lesson learn: “Plan your day,week well ahead and when you plan it visualize it in your mind well ahead how it is going to be done, execute it and think like you have already done it. And when it come to a point when you are going out of control or things are not working as it should be then check with your visualization have you put enough details to it in forehand.”

Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:30 am 1.5  hrs. wake up, update my blog and getting ready Update article, write this blog, getting ready. Plan ahead. Done, Learn something new –why plans fails.
9:00 am 2 hrs. Plan upcoming week, tidy up things, set priorities,etc Take a step back and see what is important now rather worry too much for future Nope not done anything yet.
12:00 pm 2 hrs. Need to pick Priti’s car from Ford Rush to the car place and replace it Done. Phew…Man its Saturday.
2:00 pm 3.5 hrs.
6 hrs.
Shopping and spending time with family It was long good time with family, shopping around after a long time Was fun and enjoy it.
5:30 pm 4 hrs. Development plan for
Gold MicroFx Bot.
Give a complete miss.
9:30 pm 1 hr. Review what need to be done for future. chilling now and taking a break.
Sometimes I think it is just little effort to make some sense but it nevertheless has wonderful process of self-belief and transformation.

Today even though had not much work done but mind was not at rest and often if you are feeling stress then its better to step back and then workout from there again.

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