Daily Blog Photo- Diwali decoration in Vadodara

diwali decoration in vadodara

This year I was in India during Diwali [Festival of the lights]. It was pleasant and festival moods to make me happy.

Daily Blog Photo–BE GOOD–DO GOOD

Photos from Dueos phone 008

Be good – do good.

A nice simple message stick on my friend’s shop and I snip it. BE GOOD – DO GOOD.

After a Long time I have manage to come back to my own site.

It has been long, I have stop writing blog entries and not able to manage to recovered my precious work of blog, but its gone and I have learned my lessons. It will be sweet and sort.

1. Never forget to take your back up of your site, work and anything that is important on laptop.

2. Never forget above.

This is golden rule. Simple. Welcome to the new start.

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Nevertheless It is always good to start again.

My blog has blown away.

Yes it is true. I have been juggling to restoring my wordpress site since last month, but so far I haven’t got any success yet. My hopes are very low. Anyway its always good to start again. I should have been careful for that. Its learning curve and I will gain new experience.

Daily Photo–Dilemma of a developer

The classic example of communication gap in a every developers’ life. It is truly a dilemma of a developer.

Daily Photo– Blur Pepsi….

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Daily Photo–Is it wrong to do good in a bad way?

Is it wrong to do good in bad way?


Daily Photo – You’re Seeking Failure When You Cling to a Single Idea

You’re Seeking Failure When You Cling to a Single Idea


Francis Crick

Daily Photo – Every cloud has a silver lining

Every Cloud has a sliver lining

“Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Daily Photo–Frozen in the time.

Daily Photo - Frozen In Time Frame

This photo has been taken from car while waiting in.