It’s Friday and it is really frying day

It has been long I have been trying to keep a habit of writing daily at least once a day. But somehow, I think I am not so motivated enough to carry on. Well it is easier to blame than done. Of course, as a human being I (we all) behave in a certain way which is perfectly valid and acceptable, as I grew up in very different environment, I worked in many places, cultures and with different people. I think it is wise to say my mind developed some resilience to remove some of beliefs. It’s kind of strange. I think beliefs are not that natural and it is really hard to dealt with. It is interweaved so deeply with emotions and behaviours, may be some with memories, experiences. As I observed it now I found it more fascinating things about myself, my mind and inner self. Although all three are seem to similar but in fact it’s not. Mind always play dirty tricks on you. It mimics with fear, afraid, constant negative impulse and rejections. Any thoughts or courage comes from inner self. Intuition, inspiration, motivation and driven force comes from inner self, although I do not know much about it but I believe its existence and it is an integral part of myself.

Right it seems all riddle in first places but let me simplify for you. I am talking about the misery of mind and its behaviour in certain condition where it start panic and stressed, I have been many times in that situation, everybody does, but what they don’t know is “why ???” and I am trying understand myself more than anyone else. And you should read this as well. It might help you to find a better way to deal with it. As a human we are all surrounded by our loved ones, friends, family, and emotional attachment with other human beings, we share our surrounding with others, emotions are so deep that we cannot control it, we think we know more about our experience and assume that it converted into knowledge but in fact, knowledge is just an entity which represents facts based on your own understanding of particular situation and result of actions you (or someone else) taken that was attached to the emotion you felt at the time. But it is not true in all conditions, facts can be varied; so, does the situation and emotions. We cannot rely on the knowledge we experience, we need to prove it to the nth degree. But that would become more monolithic, so dump, plain facts and no such enthusiasm. Right, so what do we do to make sense? Humm…… Interesting now. Think.


Now imagine, you could able to detach your thoughts from your mind, yourself and inner self. Become an observer, whatever happening around, inside, outside you and surrounded yourself, you are just become an observer, you are not a part of it, let it be happen, see yourself the way you never ever imagine, may be your mind will react on this, what happen if you cannot come back to your own body, will you die??? Doh…., NO…. of course, not, what I meant by detachment is to be in the present moment, these moment and be an observer of your feelings, emotions and thoughts. You may find this intimidated and scary, hard as you drift away by your thoughts and wonders. But after few attempts you will able to see, feel your own reflection through your inner self. Here I am not talking about to achieve things or cure any mental conditions or anxiety but to understand natural existence of your own self-awareness, what we do not know about ourselves are purposes, these ways you will about to accept and know about “why?” in your life, I just showed you “how”. Being an observer you do not have to react to any feelings or emotions, but let them just observe as it is, accept those without any logical arguments, or analysis or explanation, (mind plays tricks here but remember you are just an observers) many things are happening same time you will see it, observed it and may be feel it too. But don’t get reactive, just let it be…. After a while you will see some angles which you were before not able to see. Being in the present you are aware and conscious, you are an observer. You will able to see, feel and observe things, feelings, emotions, acts and conditions differently. As you are an observer and you are really resilient to the situation you are in right now. You don’t have to react or do anything. You will able to see the abundance flow of peace, infinite oneness. You will now able to see the origins of your own feelings, thoughts and behaviours. You become self-aware and more conscious than ever. Now ask yourself as an observer, how peaceful are you? I bet, you will be at a peace, neither happy nor sad, neutral. And that what help us to be ourselves. That’s what I call a true supreme knowledge.

तत्वम असि” – You are that…..

No worries 

Zero disruptive OS

I wish if I could have been involved in an OS development which has my ideal features 

  • Boot in 3 sec.
  • Can develop any application regardless of any platform or any dependencies.
  • Zero disrupting while update.
  • Resilient and reliable, robust
  • Designed for development only.

The list is endless but I wish I had these, even in my dreams.

But reality is so brutal and crude.

One day may be AI and Deep learning might help.

Restless feelings

Sometime you are not performing well under the circumstances. Your behaviour make you think why am I doing this? Do I have to do that? And it contradicts each other without rational explanations.

Be the change you want to see in the world

I have come across those situations many times in my life. It happens and I’ve seen myself not perform well, but it does not make me weak, but gives me an opportunity to become more resilient and face the challenges of the life. It seems hard to achieve, convert each obstacle into an opportunity. But they are meant to be like that. Sole purpose for these obstacles are to draw a better things in your life, in reality I have experienced this.

However, sometimes it looks like gauntlet all this plethora of jargons and tingling, little attention to the unnecessary details leads us nowhere and makes you less effective and less productive. I think it’s more likely to do with human emotions. We are all faces waves of emotions, we sail through the sea of emotions and sometimes faces impromptu challenges through tough times. So I simply let it be.

Bit of bizarre as I am writing this, felt like, Yeah…, but then…. Can I do anything about it either way? Can I get it under control? Well, it seems not impossible to detach from our emotions, but still it arise a lot and we can feel its effect on our body and on our mind. Yet I think it is hard for me to express what it is and how to come out of it.

I am currently working toward to develop a habit to be master. Well, I am going to be brutally honest. Current Job hunting is distressing a lot, also keep the consistence to something, dedication became a virtue. Nevertheless, discipline has not, that I haven’t tried. It is just being unexplained excuses. Partly I would take a blame for it. Rest its my human nature which carried away sometime wondering, training and getting many things done at ones. Naturally it leads to failure and sometimes in the desert, nowhere…

I wish there were a time machine somewhere, So I could have prevented myself. 

-Ravi 20.01.2017

Dream Big, Act Little



Well Original saying was Think Big.

But I think after Big Thinking I concluded to Dream Big, Act Little.

Let me elaborate more what I mean by Dream Big, Act Little.

Most of the time mind wanders and thinking all the time, known fact. No Big deals, Thinking Big is also not a big deal, wishful thinking, all good to say. But How you are going to fulfil is a question?

What I mean by Dream big, act little means everyday try to see same dream over and over and over, your subconscious mind will lay out all the ground work for you and all you need to do is act a little.

Seems like some magical things, but in fact it is not. Let me tell you thinking is a conscious thing and your mind play games when it comes to thinking, but in dreams you are creating a world which deeply attached to your desires and emotions. The same dream can make these roots stronger and better. Effectively, it nurtures your habits and creates an environment for you to be successful in every possible way.

Someone can easily argue about it, says always think big, I wouldn’t have denied it, but rather I would say dream big and act little as your higher self will drive you there to achieve your big dreams. This could be your journey or even lifelong mission or purpose of your own birth in this earth.


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Still Epic – TGIF

I am laughing out loud  rolling on floor.

Still feel it’s epic. Completely.

Made my morning.

Farewell Windows Essential 2012 – You have served your purpose.



I’ve been using Windows Essential 2012 since last four years and sadly it is coming to end of support. Microsoft is discontinuing the Windows Essentials services and its support. Bit of unfortunate for users like me. But on other hand it is also developing a new product called Open Live writer which I found very intimidating. Although I haven’t done anything with it yet as I am missing all the plug-ins which I used with it. (Gurr… L !!!) But at least good side it has served its purpose. So, happy farewell to Windows Essentials 2012 – You will be forgotten soon.




How not to spam someone who is seriously looking for a job?

When you send an email about a potential role or job, then three key things you keep in the email precisely.

  1. What is a job role ( making sure you have read the profile of candidate and aware that is relevant to the post, VERY IMPORTANT). If you don’t have Job Description then do not bother to spend company time to copy paste from someone else. Doah. (Recently I have received 5 emails same description, but different company…. Are you insane?) I wonder why company is paying to do such spam. Seriously. Grow up.
  2. Where is it exactly (You should not be generic but specific, Assume that you have read the profile and know where he/she lives, let us say 30 Miles from your location and its commutable daily within reasonable time i.e. 45min to 1hour, it would be nice and save time for both you).
  3. How much it offers ? There should not be many positions to fill in. (It should be ONLY ONE – No one is working on 10 roles at a time and only fools will fall for it.) And it is given that reason to get right opportunity.

Here is an example I have received today, Kindly accept my apologies for being straight.

Hi Ravi,

Hope you’re well.

I wanted to make you aware of a number of exciting contract opportunities I am currently engaged on.

Our client is a large, dynamic and fast growth business and they’re looking for a number of Software Development roles to be a key part of their ecommerce strategy.

If you are interested in discussing this or alternatively want to update me with your current availability, then please get in touch.

We also offer referral fees for any successful placements where you will receive up to £50 per month for the life of the contract*. If you can recommend anyone who may be interested in new opportunities, then please let me know.

I look forward to supporting you now or in the future with your next move.

Best regards,


Rest of the part is discreet. I hope someone will read this and grab the attention. If you are looking for quality candidate and seriously wants to help your client to fulfil the position then you know what you need to do. And those who think this way they will get anywhere, then they need training (and SERIOUSLY stop wasting precious time and money of others). If you ask me where to find right candidate then I will ask what’s a role, location and how much they are will to pay. Simple.

Side Note:

Also when you send email you must follow up to the candidate with correct contact details and ask whether they have received email and discuss their thoughts. I know it is expensive but at least it will give you right people to the target.

My thoughts on Agile

Recently I read an article on Agile with title – Agile Methods don’t exist. What does, then? by Jan Ambrozlewlcz

I think its fair to say – Agile is all about Mindset. It is not a discipline but a practice which allow to adopt changes quickly and efficiently whenever changes are essential to the end goal.   Although it is not so easy for any organization or team or division to come with one voice over end games, each individual has their own perception and understanding of what actually need to achieve and not everyone can pursue it correctly. I think that’s where the problem underlies. Agile can be easily apply on games where we do not regret over the mistakes done, it’s already done, move on. Make a strategy is a key to win the game, and agility is a key to adopt the strategy quickly.


But quick does not mean accurate or perfect or 100% done. It means when direction has changed it has adopt it and change it course (whether it is a team, project or company). And swift focus on the sort term changes (which I see as challenges). It’s risky to say it but I think if decision taken as a team and each member has visualize the strategy thoroughly and involved themself in it then nothing is impossible to achieve in ever changing environment (i.e. agile).  All we need is a courage and voice to phrase.