So, now what?

Well after few failed attempt to the mail delivery notification. I gave up but it is till buzzing me in my head. It’s quite a learning curve naturally I wasn’t expecting that.

So,now what? Wait and watch.

Day 6– What if Social Networks start demanding for ransom? Be afread of …

Well today I have received an email from Google Apps store and telling me that now I will no longer able to use it for free. (F@*k you bloody bast%^%d). Yes, I would like to share it here. Sooner or later you all are going to get the same and I knew it.

Here is original email.

Hello from Google,
Here’s some important news about Google Apps—but don’t worry, there’s no need for you to take any action. We just want you to know that we’re making a change to the packages we offer.
Starting today, we’re no longer accepting new sign-ups for the free version of Google Apps (the version you’re currently using). Because you’re already a customer, this change has no impact on your service, and you can continue to use Google Apps for free.
Should you ever want to upgrade to Google Apps for Business, you’ll enjoy benefits such as 24/7 customer support, a 25 GB inbox, business controls, our 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited users and more for just $5 per user, per month.
You can learn more about this change in our Help Centre or on the Enterprise Blog.
Thank you for using Google Apps.
Clay Bavor
Director, Google Apps


Would you consider paid social network? Hell No, why? Be ready it is going to come.

Proof Of Concept License Module –Developed, Tested and Delivered

Proof of concept - License Module

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