What kind of entrepreneurs are you?


P is for Powerful and P is for Positive, P is also for People. P is for Product. P is for Profit. P is for Politics. P is for Persuasive. P is for Passionate. P is for Polite. P is for Performance. P is for Perfect.  And P is for Promotional. P is for Placement. P is for Portable. P is for Punctuate.

At Last, P is for Pee.

So far, What kind of business are you running?

– People Driven

– Product Driven

– Profit Driven

– Politics Driven

– Passion Driven

– Place Driven

– Performance Driven

These are 7 P’s of the marketing or business who defines value for your business or alternatively it defines business you drive.

My Journey – From Developer To Entrepreneur — Day 18 of 100

Day Eighteen, Monday 24th August 2015

Note’s from Yesterday:

Nothing much, not a productive or creative day. However it was still a socially active day. Yet fun.

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:00 am 1.5 hours Get ready and plan ahead Impulsive drive and not getting it why. Late start and not think of anything ahead
9:30 am 6 hours Help Gardener to trim tree and shopping I completely forgot about the planned action but now it was not too late. 6 hours of expensive hard physical work. Not bad but later I was feeling so dreadful.
3:30 pm 4 hours nothing not feeling well, had to sleep; not doing anything So much to adopt in changing weather and rain.
7:30 pm 2.5 hours Planning to plan something???    
I have to change something and something very quickly, I am against the time. I can not loose this. Not at any cost. I have to be win this at all cost.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 16 of 100

Day Sixteen,  Saturday 22nd August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

I am not sure how fast it went, Just before I think about it, It just gone. Yesterday I have surely not done a lot, but still it looks like I have. Well its not that bad that I can not manage it, Lack of planning and visualizing is key to success. I understand that but I am currently not able to find a way to do it correctly.

Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
8:00 am 1.5 hours Wake up and get ready, update my posts Wake up, first thing I did was update my blog post which was pending from yesterday. I feel bit relieve from inside guilt.
9:30 am 2 hours Get ready krisha and myself. For lunch time spending with Uncle’s family. Get ready her and myself have spend little time with her. Nothing new.
12:30 pm 7 hours Lunch at uncles house for pre wedding preparation Not much Good to meet new people and enjoy with them
? ?      
8:00 pm 4 hours Plan next week I will seat down and write next week’s plan, check all my calendar entries.  

Nothing much I can do about it next week is going to be probably the same.I hope not. 

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 15 of 100

Day Fifteen,  Friday 21st August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Thursday was energetic and so forth. Nice lovely day which was including so many things at once. Something good I learned about it, And that was just keep flowing no matter what happen, develop habit of being stubborn on your schedules and work. Even after few session  mind starts wondering and all you have to do is talk to inner self and make mental dialogue with it and shift your focus to the time and space you are currently in. Rest of things are just going to happen as it should be.


Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
6:30 am 3 hours Not much planned for a day. Nothing fruitful, just routine chores. Late start for a day.
9:30 am 4 hours Decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and setting up Office PC for work Update to Windows 10 from windows 7 trying to get my hands on still. Work hard for adopting that. Let us see how well it works.
1:30 pm 2 hours Install Wall clock and new Web cam. Install digital wall clock and web cam, Feeling peaceful after installing digital wall clock in the office, previously the noise of tick-tick was noticeable  but now complete pin drop silence. Awesome.
3:30 pm 2.5 hours Play with VS2015 and other set up Getting my hands on Forex Motivated for doing something great.
6:00 pm 5 hours Visiting Social function Enjoy DJ party for the relatives wedding and it was good laugh Tiring need a drink in the night.

Around 11 in the night after reach at home, I was standing outside in my backyard. I saw a beautiful clear sky after long time. Stars were like glaring and my mind was trying connect virtual dots to shape it. I felt like all the stars were also looking at me same time. It was wonderful feeling though, in my childhood I used to stare sky for hours and hours. It was wonderful feeling, I am not sure how long I was staring at it. It refreshed my mind and I completely forgot about tiredness.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 14 of 100

Day Fourteen,  Thursday 20th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

After starting my journey, I have realize that I have more potential than ever. I think what I lack is discipline and courage to be more stubborn to my actions, need to learn to stick to my plans and execution, That is what successful people can do differently then me.

Plan for today:

Today was no such plan and not even visualized what to do. All was on the paper but dreadful. However I have recovered later on and happy to say I was motivated to finish something, get into the action.


Time Hours Plan Action Result
6:30 am 2 hours Sort out paperwork, not have any plans, start my day early though Restless feeling about things and stuff lying around the Table. Feeling terrible about the mess.
8:30 am 4.5 hours Sort of mishap in everywhere, not focus not even productive nothing planned. Running like a headless chicken, what to do next not sure. Some failed trades made me mad, Anxious, anxiety, hyper stress, defocussed, slightly depress too. Am I doing too much together.? Don’t think so.
1:30 pm 4 hours Gather myself, done some visualization what exactly I want in my life, using the secret technique – law of attraction. Shift my focus on positive. Make a plan, printout my wall sickies, write down ctrader Spot Gold fxBot Project in the book, Put positive thoughts to get done. Now this was what I exactly want to be and how it should be execute everything.
6:00 pm 5 hour Need to attend social function, meet few peoples All good, nice break, way was lost, no wonder we are more dependant on technologies. Long but tiring.
11:00 pm 1 hour Write and update blog entry. Yes I did and happy with it. Next day planning also.


Overall, not so bad day as I thought , I have learnt new things and try to accept my losses, accept my mistakes and learn from it quickly and move on. One thing in this process I have observed that even though I am failing or failed but I am still moving which is good sign. Just Keep moving every single day. No matter what. Something Motivational quote I found as below:

All my action are intentional, no matter what. I see every action before I take. Today is my Day.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 13 of 100

Day Thirteen,  Wednesday 19th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

I was not able to recover after distracted in Webcam settings, Shame that was not on the list nor in the priority, it has eaten my 3.5 precious hours. So Now on I will only try to do which on list and things which are on list , must have visualized before it has been written. So Now on no excuse for those kind of mishaps.

Plan for today:

Today I have to visit Birmingham and submit my Indian Passport, It should not take more than 5 hours in total. later today I am going to write my own algorithms (strategy for Spot Gold) for the automated system in cTrader. This will include basic gathering and reading of various chart indicator objects as such (Tick, Daily Bar, Bollinger Band, parabolic sar, SMA, EMA, RSI,) and basic mock of decision engine (Input something and output something), Decision Rules (the most complex part). After that I will complete pending from yesterday.


Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:30 am 5 hrs. Visiting Birmingham and going to VFS for surrendering my Indian Passport Nothing much I can do different about it. I went to VFS and submitted passport now
12:30 pm 4.5 hrs. Write algorithms for the automated system, This will be only pseudo code on paper and manual. Nope went to Shop and not able to done anything till late.
5:00 pm
5 hrs.
2 hrs.
Complete Pending stuff from yesterday Arrange all the documents and receipts in an order Arrange some stuff but not all.


I hope I will take some time in between to chase other important stuffs as well.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 12 of 100

Tuesday 18th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was blast of non-urgent becoming Important and most urgent. And I am glad I have initiate it and just start frustrating from not able to focus and set my priorities, But I am learning it how to do it correctly. So its bit of motivating part by degrading stepping back from what suppose to be working before. 

Plan for today:

Today’s plan is very simple, get ready and write down my plan, visit Post office, clear paperwork (long due sorting process – can’t wait to get it done), Make all phone calls and emails, set my goals and its executing plan. Big steps in small prints.Charming. Now who is working.

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:00 am 3 hrs. Wake up, use savers technique, Plan my day as it happening. Get ready and have breakfast, focus on trading strategies Yes Good start of the day. Things are going to shape
10:00 am 1 hrs. Visit Post office, submit passport application, Nothing special, just need to finish this as soon as I can. Submitted and done.
11:00 am 5 hrs. Arrange and sort all the paperwork from the office Long long pile of papers and yet to finish it 70 Percent done.
4:00 pm 2 hrs. Start chase up pending stuffs and prioritize work accordingly.
Completely forgot that I have to take krisha to Tennis class.
Just not able to do anything about it.  
6:00 pm 3 hrs. Write detailed plan and progress with visualization to achieve my set goals
9:00 pm 2 hrs. Training on Programming  

Today is better than yesterday in the sense of working, I have plan everything in my mind as should it happen.

My Journey– From Developer to Entrepreneur Day 11 to 100

Day Eleven, Monday 17th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was an up bit and later on day it was tiring and aching body after long picnic. Although it was real good fun and enjoyed it at full. In the late evening I was so tired not bother for updating articles or anything. So just updating today. It seems to me that I have loosen up little interest in recording the progress and I admit it, it’s very little progress at the moment but I am not going to give up that easily. So I have decided to become more productive on the other side and write my long term goals and precisely describe it how I am going to achieve it and what steps I am going to do, I am going to even break it further. I want to visualize my goals as happening and achieve it exactly as I go.  

Plan for today:


Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:30 am

4 hrs.

wake up, update my blog and getting ready Mess everywhere, body till aching Not motivated to do anything but cleaning
11:30 am 3.5 hrs. Not planned but It was pop up from the past, So I did initiate my OCI application. Feel the form for Surrendering my passport. Also Krisha’s photo for her passport renewals. Hectic morning rush, stress and getting things done, photocopies, aaah… so many of them…. all dumbos… doooh.
3:00 pm 3 hrs. Not planned but eventually I had gone through serious lack of planning for executing trading. Bare losses of 50 usd. Useless brokers and software. Killer one. Not happy with my non discipline manners. It is killing me inside.
6:00 pm 3 hrs. Nothing much assorted but have run around with house hold stuffs. Not able to update or done much.  
9:00 pm 1 hr Update Blog and post yes bit distracted. I did it correctly.
I think today was not so productive but I can say it was blast of long pending non urgent tasks became urgent and important task. So without delaying anything I just put everything I can and need to be done as soon as possible.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 10 of 100

Day Ten, Sunday 16th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

It’s almost ten percentage of my journey done. So far I am no where near to anything, but I have a vision and I will stick to my vision and my guts for success. I will surely take a risk for anything and everything. I don’t know whether its going to work or not, but I will give my 100% to it. Just No excuse. 

Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
6:30 am

1.5  hrs.

wake up, update my blog and getting ready Update article, write this blog, getting ready. Plan ahead.  
8:00 am 2 hrs. Squash with Friends Squash Sunday  
11:00 am 7 hrs. Picnic Planed Fun and Enjoy it most  
6:00 pm ?      
8:00 pm 2 hrs Plan and visualize next week    
10:00 pm 1 hr Pre sleep reading    

Today is little lay back day but its fine, this one I think I own to my family so I am happy to have them and spend time happily and wisely.

My Journey–From Developer To Entrepreneur–Day 9 of 100

Day Nine, Saturday 15th August 2015

Notes from Yesterday:

Yesterday was mix bag of everything, i was feeling drain down and not motivated, I was struggling to focus on something which I wanted to achieve quickly. I was all over the place.It was like direction less sailing and wandering in hopeless dessert. Over the top emotionally, physically, mentally it was dreadful. So far admitting like this is brave move.

Lesson learn: “Plan your day,week well ahead and when you plan it visualize it in your mind well ahead how it is going to be done, execute it and think like you have already done it. And when it come to a point when you are going out of control or things are not working as it should be then check with your visualization have you put enough details to it in forehand.”

Plan for today:

Time Hours Plan Action Result
7:30 am 1.5  hrs. wake up, update my blog and getting ready Update article, write this blog, getting ready. Plan ahead. Done, Learn something new –why plans fails.
9:00 am 2 hrs. Plan upcoming week, tidy up things, set priorities,etc Take a step back and see what is important now rather worry too much for future Nope not done anything yet.
12:00 pm 2 hrs. Need to pick Priti’s car from Ford Rush to the car place and replace it Done. Phew…Man its Saturday.
2:00 pm 3.5 hrs.
6 hrs.
Shopping and spending time with family It was long good time with family, shopping around after a long time Was fun and enjoy it.
5:30 pm 4 hrs. Development plan for
Gold MicroFx Bot.
Give a complete miss.
9:30 pm 1 hr. Review what need to be done for future. chilling now and taking a break.
Sometimes I think it is just little effort to make some sense but it nevertheless has wonderful process of self-belief and transformation.

Today even though had not much work done but mind was not at rest and often if you are feeling stress then its better to step back and then workout from there again.