Power of Google Analytics

I am so amazed by the statistics gathered by GA (Google Analytics). Recently I have set up my online resume and it gave me more insightful information about the location and new and returning users, which helps me to build something that useful.


It is good to see results which is working for you. I am really impress by the tracking yet so simple to use. Here I have attached some of the proof and still learning new skills to measure my sites coverage.

Google Glass Project

Cool Technology for next big thing.

Day 6– What if Social Networks start demanding for ransom? Be afread of …

Well today I have received an email from Google Apps store and telling me that now I will no longer able to use it for free. (F@*k you bloody bast%^%d). Yes, I would like to share it here. Sooner or later you all are going to get the same and I knew it.

Here is original email.

Hello from Google,
Here’s some important news about Google Apps—but don’t worry, there’s no need for you to take any action. We just want you to know that we’re making a change to the packages we offer.
Starting today, we’re no longer accepting new sign-ups for the free version of Google Apps (the version you’re currently using). Because you’re already a customer, this change has no impact on your service, and you can continue to use Google Apps for free.
Should you ever want to upgrade to Google Apps for Business, you’ll enjoy benefits such as 24/7 customer support, a 25 GB inbox, business controls, our 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited users and more for just $5 per user, per month.
You can learn more about this change in our Help Centre or on the Enterprise Blog.
Thank you for using Google Apps.
Clay Bavor
Director, Google Apps


Would you consider paid social network? Hell No, why? Be ready it is going to come.

Day 3– Say No to Social Networks–increased my creativity and productivity

Today is third day without any social networks, and I am a long survivor. Hail yeah. I have more time for other social activities and more time for a kid. Mind is free from any influences, no bombarding emails, junks or no fear of tracking someone your habits or being suffocated by the nasty privacy policies. No more "Google+" evil. Hail yes.

So where is the proof of creativity. Well, If you notice for past four days, I am posting to my website without fail. And I felt refreshing after work. I have my own moments, and I am really enjoying it. Developing a habit of being productive and creative is not easy. Especially you could easily be distracted by those Social
networks. However, I am happy as free bird. Be fearless. 

Ideally, I would like to achieve something consistent and pervert the habit. Break the course and awaken my mind from the unconscious marketing dilemma (nothing more than influence, which take over my
choices and put it to practice to be more in control consciously.)


Ravi L.

Day 1 – Say “No to facebook, google+, twitter and any social network”

Say no to social network. “Are you insane? How can you survive? It’s insane, mad and crazy decision to take.”, my wife said. Yes and I did it. I have been temporary deactivated Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account. It was not bad at all. However, after that I felt ‘Oh, My God’ kind of feelings. And once I settled down. I have felt exactly the same who has been slaved for three years, and now he is free like a bird. Well let me clear. What was the idea behind taking this drastic act? My intention is to justify my belief that we are becoming additionally proactively slaves of those so-called social networks which I think nothing more than a gossip cheap tabloids that socially influenced choices of an individual with nasty tactics to sell their goods and services. Deep down, these, I felt so unethical and wrong. Yes, you read it.

I believe that everyone has their own freedom and free from any kind of slavery. In reality, ask yourself, “Are we really free?” No we are not. We are very much addicted to these so-called socialism networks, and they played tactical. Unconsciously, we are following what they have decided to do with you, without even you know that they are driving you. You are no longer making choices. They have already chosen (decided) what is best for you. And blindly we are all following the same path without even thinking for a moment about the choices. The choices that you have never made or think of it. I have noticed it that after when it was affecting too much to my creativity and my productiveness, I haven’t seen such a single person who is very creative and productive, addictive to these social networks. Well, I can say that they are not attached to it. They might be using it wisely, but I am not convinced. So I have decided to give up these social networks and be real and set myself free from any influences.

From today, I am going to write what I have gained and lost. I will note it here and write it as I felt and share on my blog. I know my blog is neither that popular nor I am after to make it well-liked. I am writing this for those want to be unattached from social slavery. And if you think you have become a slave and want to set free, then just act and stop using those social networks and focus on what exactly you want to be. Please do not let social networks choose behalf of you. Please awake from hypnotic state of social networks and be real.





Digital Fasting

What is digital fasting? Is it something new? Is it good? Well I have no idea about it so I came to know about it when I have noticed that I am using too much of Google and , which I think is not so creative way to utilize your brain’s intake.

So I have decided to do fasting. In India, well in Indian culture we fast for worship, good health and vitalized our body and do is just by not eating for a day. It starts with yesterday night when you go to bed and will finish at tomorrow morning.

Now someone may wonder why all this? What is the benefit ? Well first of all, Facebook and Google bombard with lots of information, which of most are either junk or useless. Your brain only identify it after you go through it. So just imagine that you are eating lots of junk food every day for longer time and you got habit of it. How will be your body react? Just imagine. Scary hum mm…???!!!!  This sort of thing happens with your mind too. When you over use Facebook, Twitter and Google. Just think for a second.

To be mentally healthy just Do Digital fasting once a month or in fortnightly. You will find your self in different direction. There are some other environmental advantages too. Just imagine that if only 1% of Facebook user and Google user are fasting for a one day and it might possible that we can reduce carbon from earth by some percentages. (Of course Google and Facebook wouldn’t like this. But I bet they will become more transparent and will make efforts to stop serving our brain junkies information. once if everybody start digital fasting. )


So here is my way of digital fasting.


This will help us and others too. This post can be track back and you can add comments too. But for that you need to subscribe to my website. Just filled your details and I will get back to you.

Digital Fasting is good not because I said it. Jesus said it too. 


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