Be afraid of Social, Professional Networks

In resent times I have found that we have lost our freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of thinking even freedom of everything but became slave to so called giants.


We are constantly living on so called Mob fearing that gang up on our freedom and loosing our  inner voice or even influence by the judgement of an individual or an entity. Driven by  this force and not able to being resistance generating a mental distress and we all suffer in silent, dominant by the fear of judgement in every thing in life such as  work, life, social, relation, … endless. And yet we are not able to see sometime or detached from it, like making ourselves a more isolated and far from the actual human touch. We have lost our own identities and became so monolithic, burden by the work and responsibilities, Artificially happy or pretend to be happy but actually are we??

Let me ask you, When did you last time actually have fun with your best friend just no phones, social networks or nothing just …. get out and roaming around and chilling watch movies together, have great conversation, a meaningful conversation and respectful without endless time. I guess more or less hardly ever recently. Ask yourself Why??

As an intellectual person, sometime our mind rebels and generate a conflict, I would say it becomes edgy and not able to cope with the current on the top battle with so called Socio-Psychological Network bombard more and more and internal chatter became so intense and blast at the peak of it. And emotions paints a greater picture and darkness of Fear controls everything thus we have no where to go but surrender completely. And this would make us not less than a criminal to ourselves, all of above signs said clearly we have to stop and unwind let what we are organically not what you have been influence to. We have choices and choose wisely. Be a person you always wanted to be, not what other wanted to see.


Day 4: Understanding psychology of Social Network and Controlling (Influence) Peoples

Social Networks – Humm… why every social networks are offering free membership? And by doing that what will they gain in no free lunch world? Answer to this, may make you think about it or maybe not. Try to find out what exactly they are doing with you. Yes, the lead starts with you, not me not them. “So what, does it matter to me?” If not, then don’t read further and just be slaved to social networks and get out of here and stuck your dick head to the social networks.

OK if you are reading to continue, now, first of all, always keep in mind nothing in these worlds come free. Everything has its own purpose.Bear in mind that I am not against them. I am just trying to make you aware of the fact about the choices you never make. “You are insane" yes you may moan about me. Behind the scene, what they gain is “Your friends, families and your own behaviour, habits and most importantly your buying and choice patterns, your psychology to control you by your emotions and giving you nothing but influence with advertisements and other unseen nasty things.” At this moment check your browser histories and check your temporary files, open those mysterious files. Why on the earth, they need to create them in first place every time you almost visit to those sites? I am not wanted to argue with any geek who tries to explain me their purposes.

Maybe, it would be nice to have a simple paragraph which explains and assured you that they will not try to manipulate your mind by bombarding anything, which may cause or effect to your choices before I sign up for these. That would be like real fairy tell. I bet they just can’t do that. That is for sure.That explains a lot.