How to think positive?


Think Positive, choose wisely

Yesterday I have attended classes by Mr. Dharmesh Pithwa and Mr. Ashish Kacha. It was nice and good experience among youngsters. Mr. Dharmesh has asked question to the youth. “How to think positive?” and It made me thinking as well. Immediately after that the first question came to my mind was how do I know that whatever I am thinking is positive? And what exactly do you mean by positive? What is positive thinking? ….. Phew…. It is really a hard to digest but it is true. He has made a clear point about current social problem; we have been bombard with many advisors and mentors bluffing about think positive all the time. But none of them exactly mean for that how you think positive. Yes it is a fact. I accept that reality. Now Mr. Dharmesh has clarified his opinion and suggested that by meaning of positive thinking is nothing but choosing right thing by accepting the reality.

Positive choice is whatever your selection made, helps you to achieve your some step towards to your ultimate goal.