Unwritten Ground Rules

Recently I watched documentary on unwritten ground rules(www.ugrs.net) and it was pretty impressive.

As an employee, we are bound for our duties and such duties have been pass it on without challenging it and it became an unwritten ground rule. It was until now at least for me.

Now, after watched that 2 minutes movie, I realized that the key reason was missing from it and that is,  what do I value most at my workplace, is it because ….

  1. Its commutable.
  2. Good wages.
  3. Great work culture.
  4. Potential for growth.
  5. Long history of success.
  6. Positive feedback.
  7. Friendly.
  8. Flexible

List goes on, but may be none of those implies that how can I make my company a better workplace?

However I always wondered, suppose if I have my own corporate company then how can I make that company an awesome place to work for and people absolutely adore it and value it, make it more successful and yet fun to work for?

I must admit here I need to define my own company’s purpose and core values first and then envision it. Every business is driven by 4Ps – People, Product, Places and Promotion.  


To give the best products with great promotion and value to the people at their own places.

What do I  value most?

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Openness
  • Teamwork

What is it that drives it?

I always see employees as an assets. They are intellectual assets who can nurture the culture. I should hire those who are passionate about their job, love what exactly they do. And have a same vision and values for the company.

I should always ask myself  – do my business (corporate) really care for them? As a company do I really able to accept those changes?

It is true that company can always hire anyone they want and fire them at the same time. But by doing that don’t you think it violates integrity. 

As an employee we must know about company’s core values and we must share it and respect it to live. Being passionate, enthusiastic about company and its products, take pride and be part of it. Absolutely vital that they took a proud for working.

Company shouldn’t choose them, they should choose the company and with a great reason.

Recognition and rewards always leads retention. Loyalty comes with a great trust and faith.

Success of the company lies where its employees welfare and continuous growth with a significant challenges.

I learn one thing from unwritten ground rules and I would like to share it.

If a corporate seeking a changes then employees must be treated as a loyal customers because they are the reason for the existence of corporate success.

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