Why motivations not last long and not working for me ‘cause lots of things are happening at lightning speed

So After Long period, I have decided to write something on my blog. Few things first. This whole idea is about to record my progress and motivate myself and sole purpose of self-improvement.
I was wondering and thinking about “How can I be the best at something?”, “What life skills do I need to be successful and how do I measure my success?”

There are plenty of websites, newsletters and bombardment of advice, full loads of bullshits lying around us. Is there any way I can be not distracted and focus on things which are really important to ME?

Of Course you need motivation and the boost which helps you to elevate your thoughts, but once you are in the state of excitement but same time it won’t last. So when exactly you need to act, everything becomes faded and dreadful. Awful fucking shit feelings and affectless motivation fucked you up.
Following is the thing, works for me every fucking single time.





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